Danny Lutz

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Productions Big Fat Truck

Born in Eastern Canada and currently residing in Montréal, Québec, Danny Lutz is a multi-talented one man pop/rock band. Having learned to play the guitar, bass, drums and keyboards by age 15, he is able to construct, perform and record entire compositions on his own. He has always had a guilt-free love for ‘pop’ music, starting at age 5 with The Beatles. In his late teens his musical tastes broadened to beat-based music such as rare groove, funk and jazz. This fostered more interest in the performance aspect of popular music. Eventually he began to take interest in electronic music, experimenting with analogue synthesizers and their digital siblings.

After moving to Halifax to attend art school, he joined the funk/dance outfit Dr. Yellow Fever led by Kamran Abdi (www.drdfunkt.com), who’s experience and raw talent exposed him to a whole new set of possibilities. With Dr. Yellow Fever, he had the opportunity to play at legendary venues, packing the dance floors for devoted fans and pleasantly surprised newcomers. He played many festivals and concerts with such legends as Jamiroquai and Wild T & the Spirit. During the lifespan of Dr.Yellow Fever, a lot of time was spent in ‘the studio’. Said ’studio’, originally comprised of an apartment with a computer and a MIDI keyboard, later evolved into a full-scale multi-million dollar major label studio. There he learned the basics of sound recording and sequencing.

After hearing the stories of many of his favorite musicians, and more importantly, producers, he realized that he had a lot of work to complete if he wanted to have complete control, musically, over what he produced. He knew that he would have to have a solid grasp on audio engineering to be able to express his self through various styles of music, as well as communicate on a technical level with people in a production environment. With that in mind, Lutz moved to Montreal where he learned the basics of analog audio engineering at the Trebas Institute. After graduating he had the opportunity to work with many industry buffs, from editing and re-mixing cuts of legends such as the Maytones, Bunny Wailer and Sly & Robbie with producer Barry York to designing low memory sample sets for ROM chips in Playful Invention Company’s PicoCricket. He has produced custom recordings for comedy productions, theatre, and film, as well as post production work on a few short films.

In 2005, Lutz won the Voir newspaper’s music competition which led to the release of his single “Cold Bed” on the fourth volume of the trendy best-selling downtempo compilation “Café Méliès”. Cold Bed features vocals by greatly talented Danielle Erwin.

Plans are in the works for a full length album in autumn 2009.